Chocolate Sales & Supplies to deliver a new experience at KLIA with new confectionery mega-store – 28/08/08

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Reach, Reliability, Respect    Tuesday 14 October 2008

By Yvonne Chia in Kuala Lumpur

The 'King of fruits': The durian chocolates from Malaysia's homegrown brand Danson is a product that Dahlan Rashid believes deserves greater promotion and recognition

MALAYSIA. DR Group Holdings, owner of Chocolate Sales & Supplies, will introduce a new 2,500sq ft store in October this year at Kuala Lumpur International Airport's (KLIA) Satellite Building.

The retailer will adopt an experiential approach, encouraging customers to indulge in what it calls a ‘chocolate experience’.

DR Group Managing Director Dahlan Rashid told The Moodie Report: “I consider this shop a third-generation shop. We’re not just selling chocolate. We are putting some action inside the shop as well. There will be a cafe within the shop, loyalty programmes and activities for customers. We want people to walk in and experience chocolate. You can call it a chocolate experience, or even a workshop, an area where there is plenty of activities. The idea is very interesting.”

Chocolate Sales & Supplies is the largest importer and distributor of chocolates in Malaysia and is also the operator of the award-winning Choc Stop International store at KLIA. The company is keen to include more brands and activities within the bigger space available in the new store.

Dahlan Rashid added: “We are taking advantage of this extra space to expand our selection and list new products. Our Marketing Manager [Shereen Lau] has been given the responsibility to bring in new products that we have zoomed in on. Should other brands that are not represented in our store now wish to work with us, we welcome them.”

For more information contact Shereen Lau, Chocolate Sales & Supplies Group Marketing Manager, tel: +603 5634 6207 or e-mail: [email protected]. Visit


DR Group-owned Choc Stop International's latest promotion with Kraft at KLIA to mark the 100th birthday of the famed Toblerone brand highlights the retailer's philosophy of big impressions and customer interactivity

NOTE: DR Group Holdings will be featured in the Category Insight supplement accompanying the next issue of the Moodie Report Digital Print Edition, out in September. This edition’s Category Insight is focused on the fast-growing confectionery sector.


DR Group Holdings was profiled in the May issue of The Moodie Report Digital Print Edition


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